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Cypress Unisex Deodorant

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This unisex deodorant is made with pure essential oils to keep you smelling great, organic coconut oil to hydrate and nourish your skin and arrowroot powder, baking soda, and activated charcoal to absorb moisture and control odor.

Allow your body to reset itself from those chemical ingredients that most deodorants contain. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. These ingredients will allow your body to breathe (as it should) and will not stop you from sweating.

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Activated Charcoal
Arrowroot Powder
Baking Soda
Candelilla Wax
Coconut Oil
Cypress Oil
Fir Needle Oil
Shea Butter
How to use: Be sure to give the entire underarm area a uniform coat of product (for men, that means applying enough pressure to get through the hair that most guys have in their underarms). Do not apply violently after shaving, this action can cause an irritation rash.


This all natural deodorant fights bacteria and still allows your glands to sweat naturally.

The Cypress Oil fights the bad orders while providing a sweet forest aroma. It last 12 hours and is great for those with sensitive skin.

When switching to a natural deodorant, be sure to give it a week or two for your body to adjust.

5 reviews for Cypress Unisex Deodorant

  1. jonathanRiverWoods

    Great deodorant that works for at least 2 days without reapplication. I don’t like to shower everyday, so having a deodorant that keeps odors at bay without inhibiting sweating is great.

  2. Christina VanDam

    I have been looking for a deodorant that works for me for a LONG time, and I am so happy to say that Koki has nailed it! This product is amazing. It smells good and doesn’t stain my clothing! Great customer service as well. I will be going back to Koki for more products!

  3. Tami McNee

    I bought the deodorant but was skeptical as I’ve had adverse reactions with homemade one’s even with all natural ingredients. I have to say after using the Koki deodorant for over a month now and no reaction what so ever! Great products here!

  4. Heather Ebels

    love the natural deodorant!

  5. Tom Rundel

    I tried all of the natural deodorant products in local stores, and they all irritated my skin, and were ineffective. But the Koki brand deodorant has worked, and it has never irritated my skin. Love the product and the people who make and sell it!

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